:: Vision, Mission & Objective


Create young and developed nation wherein every individual enjoys quality. With its vision of ushering in a nation free from hunger, corruption and other social evils, SAJHA FOUNDATION is committed to come up as an organization to reckon with at the national level.


1. To touch the lives of NEPALI youth and making them sensitive towards society

2. To contribute in the Nation building tasks by our utmost dedication

3. To make SAJHA Members available for any support in the National causes

4. To promote education across Nepal to make our future generations independent

5. To create awareness / educate citizens of Nepal about their rights and duties

6. To fight against all evils of society with our available resources and powers



Make the youth conscious of the spiritual heritage and glorious mission of Nepal and work for human unity in a rich and organized diversity:-

  1. To drive youth force of the country to promote Human Rights, Human Trafficking, and Eradicate Poverty, Protect the Rights of Children, Empower women, and promote the sustainable Tourism and Environmentally Sound Development, promote Sustained Economic Growth and contribute towards Human Dignity.
  2. To spread the social education for to get rid of social evils.
  3. To establish free legal aid centers with the help of youth for the poor and helpless people in different location of country & world.
  4. To bring together the urban learned & the keen rural learners for exchanging views & information.
  5. To persuasively instigate the corporate houses to set up social projects like school, hospitals, roads, bridges, in the rural areas.



About Sajha Foundation

SAJHA Foundation (SAFA) is a registered Non-Government, Voluntary, Non-Profit making organization. SAJHA is independent of any government, nonpartisan, nonsectarian, social justice and non-violent solutions and nonprofit oriented organization above political ideology, economic interest, religion or any form of ethnocentric blazes. It is concerned solely with the protection and promotion of the Student, youth of rural and urban Nepal. The organization mobilizes volunteer activists and resource persons to work unitedly for a better World wherein every individual enjoys equality. Sajha Foundation holds the serious responsibility of creating material situation and empowering the youth along with his/her mental, aesthetic, artistic and physical development.


  • Biodiversity
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Water Management
  • Resilience
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Sustainable Tourism

Sajha Foundation Nepal

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