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We have launched a newly initiative in WATER and WASTE (Wa-Wa Initiative).Though Nepal is known as rich in water resources. But, including Municipalities to Metropolitan city water crisis is getting increased. Sources and distribution system is not innovated but the users are increasing day by day. Municipal wastewater is usually conveyed in a combined sewer or sanitary sewer. New municipalities are announced but the system is the same rural villages are practicing. Same problem is there in waste. Appropriate mechanism and system is lacking.

So, we launched an Educational and Awareness program focusing to manage Water and Waste (Wa-Wa) from every household. College students are mobilizing as volunteer in this initiative.

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SAJHA Foundation (SAFA) is a registered Non-Government, Voluntary, Non-Profit making organization. SAJHA is independent of any government, nonpartisan, nonsectarian, social justice and non-violent solutions and nonprofit oriented organization above political ideology, economic interest, religion or any form of ethnocentric blazes. It is concerned solely with the protection and promotion of the Student, youth of rural and urban Nepal. The organization mobilizes volunteer activists and resource persons to work unitedly for a better World wherein every individual enjoys equality. Sajha Foundation holds the serious responsibility of creating material situation and empowering the youth along with his/her mental, aesthetic, artistic and physical development.


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