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Everyday we are affected by pollution; its in water or in Air.

Its killing us silently. Its a Global problem.7 million people  worldwide die prematurely peryear from air pollution,Causing #Globalwarming so we need to #BeatAirPollution  #Stoppolluting

93% children live in air pollution above WHO lines. Join us to stop pollution EVERY SINGLE DAY; Buses, Trucks,bike, carpool, public transportation. Join hands to help stop air pollution!

Globally, an estimated 40 % of waste is openly burned.

Every minute, 13 people in the world die before their time, because of air pollution.

Air Pollution is on the rise, but it is preventable. Small efforts by all of us combined together, can bring a change. #BeatAirPollution

When you see such polluters, please take their photos or video, Tag us, mention to the #Hello_Sarakar #Sajhafoundationor @Hello_sarakar (in twitter) @Sajhafoundation Posibly use Hashtag #Punishthepolluters #BeatAirpollution #Pollutionfreenepal



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SAJHA Foundation (SAFA) is a registered Non-Government, Voluntary, Non-Profit making organization. SAJHA is independent of any government, nonpartisan, nonsectarian, social justice and non-violent solutions and nonprofit oriented organization above political ideology, economic interest, religion or any form of ethnocentric blazes. It is concerned solely with the protection and promotion of the Student, youth of rural and urban Nepal. The organization mobilizes volunteer activists and resource persons to work unitedly for a better World wherein every individual enjoys equality. Sajha Foundation holds the serious responsibility of creating material situation and empowering the youth along with his/her mental, aesthetic, artistic and physical development.


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